Instance Variables

These variables are all member of the miracl structure defined in miracl.h . They are all accessed via the mip - the Miracl Instance Pointer.

Name Description
BOOL EXACT; Initialised to TRUE. Set to FALSE if any rounding takes place during flash arithmetic.
int INPLEN; Length of input string. Must be used when inputting binary data.
int IOBASE; The "printable" number base to be used for input and output. May be changed at will within a program. Must be greater than or equal to 2 and less than or equal to 256.
int IOBSIZ; Size of I/O buffer.
BOOL ERCON; Errors by default generate an error message and immediately abort the program. Alternatively by setting mip->ERCON=TRUE error control is left to the user.
int ERNUM; Number of the last error that occurred.
char IOBUFF[ ]; Input/Output buffer.
int NTRY; Number of iterations used in probabilistic primality test by isprime. Initialised to 6.
int *PRIMES; Pointer to a table of small prime numbers.
BOOL RPOINT; If set to TRUE numbers are output with a radix point. Otherwise they are output as fractions (the default).
BOOL TRACER; If set to ON, causes debug information to be printed out tracing the progress of all subsequent calls to MIRACL routines. Initialised to OFF.